Edition 2016



The second edition of CROSS ended on 8th July 2016. The jury, the staff of CROSSaward and Tommaso Sacchi thank all candidates who have applied with their projects at the second edition of the Award.

Promoter of CROSS International Performance Award is LIS LAB Performing Arts, directed by Antonella Cirigliano, while Tommaso Sacchi is entrusted, also for the second edition, with the curatorship. CROSS is held in the towns of Verbania and Cannobio on the western shore of Lake Maggiore, in exceptional locations such as Villa Giulia, Villa San Remigio, and, from 2016, the new theatre of Verbania, ‘Il Maggiore’ and the ‘Teatro Nuovo’ in Cannobio.

The first prize was AWARDED on July 8th  to the project  “Nothing Compares to Prince” by Roberto Fassone, to who is AWARDED a prize of 4,000 Euros in support of his artistic production.

The CROSS jury, who on Friday, July 8, noted and evaluated the performance of the three finalists in residence, and so commented on their decision: “It presents a refreshing artistic research and based on performative reworking of heterogeneous materials and digital posts. It does not neglect the emotional dimension that is so significant in the contemporary approach to different audiences ”

The three selected projects that participated in the phase of residences from 2nd to 8th July 2016 at the Festival of  “Villaggio d’Artista” in Verbania are:

Mandala 25, di David Somlò (HU)

Nothing Compares to Prince, di Roberto Fassone (IT)

GravureEnCriblè, di Santasangre (IT)


The local jury of Cross International Performance Award 2016 awarded the City of Verbania’s  Award to the project: “Orlando_Le primavere” by Silvia Battaglio/Company Biancateatro “project whose research is aimed to the construction of a show in which the character of Orlando is defining itself through the dramatic reworking of Virginia Wolf’s text,braided in a special sound/physical score that sets up to the dance to the dance. It is also of great interest and relevance the survey and analysis of the genders ‘man and woman'; of their divisions and of their similarities. Orlando is a double character, both masculine and feminine and represents “the harmonious coexistence of ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’, as the only energy, generating power and as a metaphor itself of the overcoming of the concept of gender separation”.

The task of the panel of experts is to select, in between the applications received, the winner of the award CROSS. Local jury is called to give the special mention ‘Award City of Verbania’.

The award CROSS includes a panel of experts, composed by a group of critics, artists and nationally renowned curators, and a local jury composed by a group of enthusiasts of the art world and culture, living in the areas around Lake Maggiore, who are involved in a training path and approach to contemporary languages.


Italo Rota (jury president), architect, designer and scientific director of NABA and Domus Academy; Margherita Palli, stage designer and advisory leader of NABA scenography; Renata Rapetti, artistic director of the Teatro Coccia in Novara and Theatre ‘Il Maggiore’ in Verbania; Olga Strada, director of the Italian Institute of Culture in Moscow; Daniele Cavalli, visual artists and designer; Alessandro Pontremoli, Professor and member of the Advisory Commission of the Dance Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities; Laura Valli, president of C.Re.S.CO., director and artistic director of the theatre residency “Qui e Ora residenza teatrale (Here and Now theatrical residence); Thomas Sacchi, curator and teacher.


Elena Andreola, Sabrina Crescini, Samantha Crescini, Anna Maria Covelli, Barbara Dapas, Grazia Daverio, Federica Fili, Roberta Guarragi, Ruschetti Jill, Elena Mastretta, Federico Merlo, Elena Mogavero, Sonia Ursini, Barbara Vitolo.